1 Dies in Ohio Outbreak of Legionnaires Disease

MONDAY, June 3, 2019 (HealthDay News) A patient died Sunday during an outbreak of Legionnaires disease, a severe type of pneumonia, at Grove City, Mount Carmel Health System, the Associated Press reported.

Dr. Richard Streck, the hospital's chief clinical operations officer told the AP that it's too soon to know exactly what the patient died from.

The first patient to come down with Legionnaires had been admitted to the hospital April 29, the day after the facility opened.

Legionnaires is caused by the Legionella bacteria, which can grow in water in building cooling systems. It's spread as people inhale contaminated water droplets, according to the CDC.

Those most at risk are people with weakened immune systems or chronic lung disease, the agency says.

The hospital is working with county health personnel to determine the cause of the Legionnaires outbreak.

The Ohio Department of Health ordered the hospital to test its ice making machines and clean them. It's also been ordered to test and clean the building's cooling towers and give the test results to the department.

Mount Carmel has been under investigation since a doctor was caught overprescribing pain medicine to 29 patients who died in their other hospitals, the AP notes.

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