Breathtaking Facts About Your Lungs

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You know how important your lungs are, and these facts may take your breath away. Your lungs can hold about three large soda bottles worth of air. And they're super hard-working. The average person takes about 17,000 to 23,000 breaths a day. But your lungs are up to the task. They're filled with about 600 million tiny pockets to collect incoming air, enough to cover a tennis court.

Did you know your left lung takes up a bit less space than your right one? There's a good reason why. It's to make room for your heart.

Ever wonder where all that fat goes when you lose weight? Well, one study found that you breathe some of it out. It's converted to CO2 and comes out through your lungs-- one more reason to exercise.

OK, you can exhale now. Those are just a few facts about a seriously phenomenal pair of organs.