Fast Facts About Lupus

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Lupus can damage any part of your body, and over 90% of adults who get it are women.

Here are some facts about lupus. This long-term disease often strikes during your childbearing years. Your lupus has to be under control for six months before considering pregnancy, but you can have a safe pregnancy when you work closely with your doctor.

Concerned lupus may be contagious? Don't worry. It's not. Experts don't know for sure what causes it, but it starts when something makes your immune system go haywire and attack healthy parts of your body.

Only your doctor can tell you if you have lupus, but about a third of people with it get a butterfly-shaped rash on their face. Other common symptoms are stiff, painful joints, achy or weak muscles, and fatigue.

If you have lupus, treatments can help you feel better. Remember, rest when you need to, and try to manage your stress.