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When the sun is out, you’re probably ready to get outside.

But make sure your skin is as prepared as you are, to avoid a skin cancer like melanoma.

It can be deadly, but when melanoma is caught early, there is a 98 percent survival rate.

That’s a good reason to do a self-exam once a month, along with your yearly dermatologist visit. If it’s been a while, start now.

Go over your body, and look for anything that stands out.

Check for irregular shaped moles, and changes in color or size.

Stand in front of a full length mirror and examine your front, back, and sides.

Take a close look at your legs, arms, forearms, and palms.

Don’t forget your feet, including your soles.

Then grab a hand mirror or a friend and check out your back, neck, and scalp.

If you find anything questionable, go see a dermatologist.

Get to know every freckle and mole so you’ll stay in charge of your skin.

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