Peyronie's Disease: What Is It?

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: What is Peyronie's disease?

Sheldon Marks, MD
Peyronie's disease is a nonspecific term that describes penile curvature. So ideally you expect a little bit of twisting or torqueing in a normal penis, it's not normally straight like a ruler. But when the curvature becomes severe, to where it compromises the ability for normal sexual behavior, or it becomes painful, then that becomes a medical problem. Then we have to become involved, hopefully with conservative therapy, sometimes surgery.

Sheldon Marks, MD (cont.)
Penile injuries, of any kind, especially the fracture, can cause Peyronie's with curvature. And I should just mention that penile fracture it's not just that sudden excruciating horrible pain but you can have anything…different degrees. You could have normal sexual behavior and then look down and see that it's horribly bruised. Or just pain afterwards. Some men don't have any warning sign but just suddenly notice curvature starting, or pain with erections. All of those can be signs of more minor, more subtle tears and bleeding.