In Plain Sight: Spit and Sweat

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We've all heard the sayings, never let them see you sweat, and, don't ever spit during a job interview. Maybe everyone haven't heard that last one, but I've heard it a few times. Huh. Anyway, the body produces a lot of awesome fluid. And sometimes it's gross, but it's always for a very good reason. So let's check it out.

Check out this guy's forehead, where sweat will emerge from his pores. Wait for it. Patience-- yes, fresh beads of sweat-- refreshing. Oh, and here comes a bunch more.


Our body functions best at around 98.6 degrees. When we go above that, our millions of sweat glands produce sweat to cool us off. Check out the inside of sweaty guy's mouth. It's full of good, old-fashioned spit, otherwise known as saliva. Saliva is produced by the salivary glands, found on the inside of each cheek, on the bottom of the mouth, and under the jaw.

Saliva helps you eat food, and keeps your mouth clean. And it just keeps on coming. OK, it's potato chip time. Teeth do a fine job chewing food, but it's saliva's job to wet the food and bind it together so it can be swallowed. Amazing, although kind of makes me want to hurl.

Here's another fun fact. The average person's mouth could fill three bathtubs a year with the spit they produce. Hmm, that's an image. But I do see how vital spit and sweat are. And I can't think of any other liquids I'd rather have oozing from my mouth and armpits. So, well done, spit and sweat. Well done.