How to Heal a Dislocated Shoulder

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In basketball, that's very, very common. If you want to find kind of a textbook example of how you dislocate your shoulder in basketball, that's probably about as good as any there. When your shoulder dislocates, the ball will typically slide out the front onto the socket, like a golf ball might on a tee. And then, if that force continues, the ligaments that support that shoulder will tear. And when they rupture, they allow the ball to completely come off the socket, or the golf ball to fall off the tee. This would be something that's typically reduced in the locker room. There tends to be a good bit of pulling associated with it. It may take one or two attempts to get it finally back in. Probably not the appropriate setting to try and do that while you're on the court. It's a very traumatic injury. It has a potential to be exceedingly painful. In this particular case, surgery was just a few days after the dislocation. And when you get to the level of professional sports where the main vocation of this particular athlete is sport, the decision to do surgery tends to be a little bit more aggressive. And we probably see a stabilization surgery performed right after the initial dislocation. A professional athlete, it will become an everyday-- you know, it's their job, and they do it. We'll see those people right after the injury, after they relocate the shoulder, usually in the next day trying to rehab, really working on trying to restore their range of motion back. You know, don't push so aggressively on the motion, because, then, you could loosen them up too much, especially in the early stages of the rehab. And not only just kind of strengthening the muscles, but getting the muscles to fire when you need to, so that you're providing some protection in that shoulder.
Rehabilitation after shoulder instability surgery is tough. And that typical process takes about five to six months. If you look at Kevin Love's timeline, that's about perfect. [MUSIC PLAYING]