New Treatments for Osteoporosis

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What new treatments are on the horizon for osteoporosis?

Ethel Siris, MD
There are a number of new treatments on the horizon. They are somewhat farther a field, but there are, there's a drug that talks to the chemical that signals those bone eating cells, the osteoclasts, to block that signal, and that's something you get twice a year by shot in the arm. Go to your doctor, get your shot and your good for six months. That's on the horizon. That's a drug that's currently in clinical trials. There are some other so-called SERMs, like Evista, that maybe even better than Evista that are, that are on the horizon, that may be even better at bone and even better at the breast, and they are coming along quite nicely. There are a variety of ways of giving these SERMs. The drug Forteo as I mentioned is the only drug that stimulates bone formation and there are lots of places that are working on other kinds of medicines that might stimulate bone formation as well. And finally, you know, if we're targeting that osteoclast, there may be other ways of speaking to the osteoclast, through other kinds of signaling, and there are drugs like that, that are in the works.