Position Yourself for Better Posture

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Ready to break out of your slump, slouch, or hunch? Here are some easy ways to improve your posture. When you're chilling on a couch or easy chair, put a pillow behind your back or under your butt. It will help you slouch less.

If you find yourself looking down at your phone a lot, lift it up to your eye level. Your neck will thank you.

Keep your keyboard right in front of you and within easy reach. Try to keep your upper body and neck in a straight line, your thighs parallel to the floor, and your lower legs straight down. Don't forget to stand up and take breaks from sitting.

You can practice good posture while you're moving. Lift up the back of your neck, pull your shoulders back and slightly tighten your abs. Speaking of which, get regular exercise to help drop any extra pounds you're carrying. Fat around your middle can be especially bad for your lower back, pelvis, and spine. You can ask your doctor if workouts like yoga and tai chi might improve your posture. Practice these good habits and you'll be standing taller in no time.