Give Your Biologic a Boost

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Treating your rheumatoid arthritis with a biologic drug has probably been pretty effective. Biologics are designed to target inflammation and stop joint damage like a sniper in the war against RA. But there are ways to give your biologic a boost and a little more ammunition to help it help you.

Because biologics suppress part of the immune system, one of the biggest risks for you is infection. First off, keep it clean. Wash your hands. Use hand sanitizer.

And steer clear of sick people. Get your flu vaccine every year, and vaccinations for COVID-19, shingles, and pneumonia. Eat healthy and exercise.

A strong body can give your immune system bigger biceps to fight any infection. Eat whole grains and lots of vegetables. Choose low-impact activities, like swimming, walking, or water aerobics.

Stay on schedule with your biologics, and go to your doctor regularly. Watch out for drug interactions. Even a mild medication could mess with your biologic. These simple tricks can help your biologic keep your rheumatoid arthritis in check.