Signs Your RA Treatment Isn’t Working

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One of the ways that we know our drugs work is my quality of life is dramatically better. My hot, red, and swollen joints are better, my fatigue is less, and I am more functional and active. So when you start a therapy, to begin with, it's going to take time. It takes three to four months. If I've been on a drug for a long period of time, I can develop a tolerance. It doesn't work as well as it used to. Everything I had before slowly starts to come back-- increasing morning stiffness; increasing hot, red, and swollen joints; increasing fatigue. In some circumstances, you can actually draw a blood test and actually see if you developed an antibody to the drug. That is done very frequently by our gastroenterologist friends who use the same products. But in our case, we basically realize that it isn't working, and we will change medications. [MUSIC PLAYING]