What Is the Piledriver Sex Position?

Medically Reviewed by Gabriela Pichardo, MD on July 02, 2023
3 min read

The piledriver is an advanced sexual position that requires flexibility and endurance from the giver and receiver. This position is OK for any kind of relationship, and can be used for vaginal or anal penetration. The piledriver is also known as the jackhammer. 

The piledriver is an involved position that takes core and leg strength. This position does not have close face-to-face contact and can be challenging for each participant. It is a good idea to do hip opening exercises before doing this position. 

The piledriver sex position requires a couple (two people). You can do this position with vaginal or anal penetration.

To get into the piledriver position, the receiver will lie on their back and slowly lift their legs up from their thighs until the torso is off the bed. The giver can help raise their partner’s butt up so it’s almost above their hand. Then the giver will straddle them on top and should lean forward to enter at the right angle. If the angle is still not right, the giver should lean forward more and bend their knees to keep balance. 

This position can be challenging, and you should begin with caution. Because of the advanced movements, make sure you have talked with your partner about penetration. Once you’ve had an open conversation, move into the position slowly so there are no strains or fractures. 

The piledriver requires physical strength, flexibility, and endurance from both partners to do safely. The position is more advanced, and it may take practice to successfully complete it. You should be conscious of your body during the position. If you have a weak or bad back, you may not want to try this position.

Talking to Your Partner about Trying the Piledriver Sex Position

The piledriver takes endurance, and if you are wanting to try this advanced sexual position, you should talk to your partner about your desires. You’ll need to make a plan for how to discuss any discomfort while trying the position. If you feel discomfort, you may need to change positions so there’s no strain on either partner. 

There is not a lot of eye contact with this position, so beforehand you may want to plan if the receiver will be pleasuring themselves while getting penetrated. 

Possible Risks

The person receiving on bottom will have their legs in the air which causes blood to rush to their head. But if too much blood rushes to the head, they may pass out. If you feel like you may pass out, you should tell your partner and change positions before that happens. 

The penetrating partner needs to use caution when thrusting in. If they are inserting with a penis, based on the angle, they may be more susceptible to penile fractures. You may have to lean forward to insert at the right angle.

Also, both partners will need to maintain their balance during the position. If you can’t, you or your partner may fall out of the position. You’ll need to rely on each other to keep your position.