Tips to Identify and Avoid Psoriasis Triggers

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Tired of using home remedies for relief? You may get fewer psoriasis flares once you learn what triggers them. Did you know stress can be to blame? Try meditation, tai chi, or another relaxing pastime to turn down the tension in your life.

Then turn up the moisture when the weather gets chilly and dry. Moisturize often, and use a humidifier in your home. Next, do what you can to avoid catching strep throat, another psoriasis trigger. Wash your hands often. If someone in your home is sick, clean their glasses, plates, and silverware thoroughly.

See your doctor for treatment if you get cut, scraped, or sunburn and notice a new patch of psoriasis forming on the hurt area. Also talk to the doctor about any medications you take, since some are linked to flares. These include lithium, certain heart and blood pressure meds, and drugs that prevent malaria. Remember, avoid your triggers so you can look and feel your best.