The Truth About Aloe

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Have you heard that aloe vera products can cure what ails you? Here's the truth.

Can aloe gel help treat minor burns? Yes. It may take the edge off your pain when you put it on your skin.

Can it heal wounds? We don't know. The jury's out until scientists do more research.

Can aloe gel soothe psoriasis symptoms? Maybe, but it's no replacement for your usual treatment. Ask your dermatologist if it's worth trying.

Are aloe products safe? It depends. Aloe gel products that you put on your skin are probably fine to use. But products you take by mouth, such as aloe juice, could bring on side effects, including stomachaches, diarrhea, and nausea.

Also, lab rats have gotten cancer from an aloe extract that was added to their water. That doesn't mean you will too. Experts need to do more research to find out if products like aloe juice could raise people's risk.