Embarrassing Questions: Why Do My Feet Stink?

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You have bacteria on your skin that LOVES sweat. I'm talking crazy ex-girlfriend kind of love. When it gets into contact with sweat, it goes bananas -- multiplying and starting chemical reactions. And those chemical reactions are smelly. The more we sweat, the crazier the bacteria goes, and the stinkier we get. So if you want to avoid the stink, you need to avoid the sweat.

Our feet have more sweat glands than any other part of our bodies, so it takes some extra effort to keep our feet dry. When it comes to socks, stick to cotton, and consider changing into a new pair midway through the day. For shoes, disinfect those bad boys! Either dust them with talcum powder or spray them with a disinfectant. If you're spraying, make sure to let them dry overnight.

Also, make sure that you're not wearing the same shoes every day. Give each pair a chance to dry out before you put them on again. Disinfecting insoles can help, too. And for a little extra protection, you can prep your feet with antiperspirant -- the same kind you use on your underarm. It you're doing all these things and you can't get your sweat under control, go see a doctor.
Bottom line
keep your feet dry and you'll be stink-free.