Dodging Your HS Triggers

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I was diagnosed, officially diagnosed, in 2005. But I've been dealing with it since being a teenager. Once I got diagnosed, I dealt with the pain. I had to change the things I wore, only being able to wear cotton and bigger clothes. And I didn't know too much about triggers or anything back then. It was really no information out about it. It was kind of scary trying to figure out what it was and how people were going to view me knowing this. And the way I look at myself changed.

My stress is a trigger for me, a big trigger. That's why I eliminated different people, different crowds, and different events that I went to, trying to just minimize my stress level. As far as the food, sugar is the worst. If I eat sugar right now, immediately I start itching. And it's like a deep, uncontrollable itch that you can't get to. I just created an anti-inflammatory cookbook that I go by, with none of the food has any sugar, dairy, or gluten in it.

So I live by that. That was the best thing that's worked for me so far, even besides the surgeries and the medicines and everything. Changing the way I eat, for me, I have less triggers when it comes to the food. Not being able to be consistent with work has me in the position I am now to where I lost everything. But for me, it's just hard because I get flares in my buttocks as well. So sitting down isn't always the best. My arms is my main hotspot from my flares.

That's what pushed me into starting my digital product for HS warriors, to try to bring in some income and still try to spread awareness at the same time. Even though I know I'm not my condition, I'm not defined by my condition, and I try to push that to other people in my support groups and everything, but I still struggle with that myself, even though I know I'm not lazy.

When I post in my group or whatever, they're giving feedback, and they're giving answers. And that helps me. That builds me up. That keeps me in a place that I can-- I always do a mental health check. 1 to 10, how y'all feel today? And for the people to be like, the fact that you're going through this and you even asked us how we're doing is amazing. So that's my support system.