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ABC News: "5Things That Make You a Mosquito Magnet."

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Are you a mosquito magnet? These bloodsuckers seem to go for some people more than others.

We’re not totally sure why, but studies give us some possible answers.

It could be your breath, and unfortunately a mint won’t help.

Mosquitoes find you by the carbon dioxide you exhale.

So people who produce more, like larger people, pregnant women, and even exercisers, are sending out a bigger signal.

They may sense your body heat to target you. If you’re giving off extra heat, they may find you easier.

Which is more bad news if you’re pregnant or you’re exercising.

One study found drinking alcohol might make you more attractive to mosquitoes.

And blame Mom and Dad. Most of what makes you a mosquito magnet might be in your genes.

But despite what you may think, blood type doesn’t seem to be a factor.

So what can you do? Pick the right time to go outside. Dawn and dusk are peak biting hours.

Use bug spray, and wear long sleeves and pants. And remove standing water from flower pots and gutters, where mosquitoes breed.

If you want to try an easy trick, use a fan.

Mosquitoes are terrible flyers, and one study found the blowing air from a fan can keep them away from you better than any insect repellent.

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