Truth About Ringworm

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It causes athlete's foot and the same fungus causes jock itch.

and it can occur almost in coin shape patches although sometimes it can spread.... On the scalp, they start losing hair actually, because there's so much inflammation going on so you can see some areas where the hair has dropped out, you can see these black dots... On the feet, it's very, very scaly, sometimes pretty red and definitely a lot of patients complain about it being itchy. it likes to stay in the toe webs so like between the third and fourth toes are very common place for it and because it gets sweaty in that area, it's no longer like the flaky scale, like it's really macerated so it's white and wet... and very often actually people who get recurrent problems with their feet, it's because the fungus has set up shop in the nails. And so you get very thickened yellow, very crumbly brittle-looking nails and that becomes a reservoir actually for the fungus.

that they don't break very easily um, or they chose not to. So for instance, the athlete is not going to quit sports you know...just because, and they're not going to seek out their own shower stall....

For those two scenarios, an oral medication is best. There are many over-the-counter products that people can get their hands on very easily. But if it turns out that the rash is particularly stubborn, then I probably would seek the care of you know, a physician or some sort of a healthcare provider you know, fairly soon and not go too far...