Embarrassing Questions: How Can I Be Sexy Wearing a CPAP Mask?

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Kim Richardson: [Wearing a CPAP mask] I don't understand the question. (pointing to the mask) Is this not sexy?

Okay, fine. Maybe the mask isn't the most physically attractive thing, but sexy isn't all about looks, it's about behavior. So baby, you want to make your CPAP sexy? Don't worry about the mask, focus on your approach.

1. CHOOSE to have a good attitude about your CPAP -- and about yourself. You're taking steps to take care for yourself. That is admirable and it's strong. So move forward in confidence. Confidence is sexy.

2. Be open and honest with your partner -- about all of it -- the nuts and bolts of how the CPAP will work and what to expect, but also about your feelings with them about the whole thing -- and invite them to share their feelings too. Openness, vulnerability, trust -- they're sexy.

3. Be committed -- be all in. Wear that thing every night -- even when you don't want to. Commitment is sexy. And perseverance? Super sexy. And last, have a sense of humor about all this. C'mon -- that mask? Comedy gold. So, use it. Because what is sexier than laughter?

Bottom line is, you are sitting on an opportunity to make some sweet, sweet lemonade out of this lemon. And lemonade-makers? They're not only sexy, they're the kind of people you want to stick with.

So, rock that CPAP, baby! You'll sleep better, your partner will sleep better -- everyone will be happier. And happy is sexy.