Could Aromatherapy Help You Sleep?

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Michael Breus, PhD Sleep Specialist
How can aromatherapy improve my sleep? Aromatherapy actually turns out to be a very interesting topic. What we know about aromatherapy is that there are aromas that are more relaxing for people. Now, what's interesting here, is you don't just sniff something and pass out, unless it's like ether, or something like that okay. But generally speaking, what we know about aromatherapy is that it can create a mood or it can help relax an individual and then help people coast off to sleep. The aromas that seem to work the best are lavender and vanilla. There's also something called [sounds like yin-lang] which has been shown in a couple of studies to be pretty effective. So, looking at aromatherapy while it may sound a little 'new-agey' actually has got some science behind it.