Is Body Odor Keeping You Awake?

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Michael Breus, PhD Sleep Specialist
How does my partner's body odor impact my sleep? Smell turns out to be an interesting factor as well. And it can get pretty personal, so I don't want to offend anybody out there, but everything from body odor to bad breath can actually have a pretty big effect on a bed partner. So one of the things I talk about with people is, Uh, men have a tendency to fall asleep in their boxers and t-shirts that they've worn during the day. Generally, not a great idea, because you've been sweating all day long, there is an odor associated with that, and some people, depending upon what you eat, and so, what will happen is, you're kind of smelling up the bed, not to mention that you want to have your sheets changed at least once a week. Because again, people sweat a tremendous amount, you have sweat, oils, things of that nature that are going to eventually cause an odor because they are going to interact with bacteria. So, thinking about those things is going to be quite important, so one of the first things I have people do is go out and by themselves a nice pair of pajamas, or two or three pair, so they can rotate them throughout the week. Make sure you wash them all once a week, that type of thing. You think about it, and you're in bed for, let's say, 7 hours, lying on your clothing for 7 hours, you change your clothes every day, you'd probably want to do that for your pajamas as well.