Always Tired? Find Out What's Wrong

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I'm sleeping, but I'm always tired, what's wrong with me?

Michael Breus, PhD Sleep Specialist
So when people tell me that they sleep a large number of minutes, but they still feel tired, there's a few things we can look at. Number one is could they have a sleep disorder, like narcolepsy, where they actually need more sleep than the average person would need, and they are not sleeping enough. Uh, and that's one of the things making them tired. Uh, have they had a recent physical, do they have iron poor blood or anemia and they are having difficulty telling the time between fatigue from anemia verses sleepiness. Could they have an underlying medical condition that's causing this, a low grade fever, things of that nature. And then, are they really getting the quality sleep that would produce them, allow them to feel better the next day. So, do they have allergies that are causing poor sleep and snoring at night? Are they having pets in the bed which could be causing problems with sleep? All the different things that again could decrease your quality of sleep which might make you sleepy during the day.