A Messy Bedroom Can Prevent Sleep

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Michael Breus, PhD
Believe it or not, when you walk into a room, what your eye sees can actually determine whether or not you’re going to have an easy time falling asleep, or a bad time. So the first thing I tell people to do is clean up your bedroom. Get the clutter out because it’s pretty hard to fall asleep with a stack of laundry over here and a big pile of books over there and a very sort of, jumbled night table.. Okay, and so I talk to them about cleaning up the clutter, getting that stuff out of the way so that when you walk in, you’re more peaceful, more serene surrounding. That may also have to do with color. So there are studies that look at what is the color of your bedroom and how can that affect your ability to fall asleep. It turned out that the color itself is not important, but the hue of the color is. So the brightness of that color turns out to be a big factor. So when you’re painting your bedroom, you don’t want a high gloss finish, you want more of a matted finish. Now granted, a very bright yellow is probably not a great place to fall asleep, but a more muted yellow probably is. So again, it may not matter the color so much, as the brightness of that color.