5 Snoring Remedies

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Ever feel like you're sleeping next to a human buzz saw? Here's how to politely help your partner snooze silently.

If he likes to drink, let him know it's a good idea to have his last cocktail at least 4 hours before he hits the sack.

It can also help to skip big meals or snack about 3 hours before bed.

Tell him to talk with his doctor if he takes sleeping pills, sedatives, or antihistamines. These may set off the snoring or make it worse.

And if he's overweight, encourage him to eat healthy and exercise to drop some extra pounds. It'll help him breathe easier.

Finally, does he snooze on his back? He may quiet down if he sleeps on his side.

If these tips don't stop the snores, ask him to see his doctor. She'll figure out what's going on and suggest treatments that could help you both sleep better.