How to Pick a Pillow

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Sleeping on the wrong pillow can lead to headaches and neck pain. So choose the best pillow based on your sleep position. Side sleeper? A firm or extra firm pillow is going to be your best choice. Memory foam and latex foam pillows are the firmest materials, and they won't flatten over time.

Back sleeper? Try a pillow that's a little less firm and supports your head without pushing your neck too far forward. Down, down alternative, or latex foam are the best options for back sleepers. If you sleep on your back and suffer from snoring and sleep apnea, you may want to try two pillows to support more of your upper body.

Stomach sleeper? A super-thin pillow is the way to go. Try down or polyester for a thin, soft option that keeps your neck in the optimal range. Or don't use a pillow at all.

If you have allergies, avoid down pillows. And consider memory foam or latex foam because dust mites are less likely to be found in those materials. If you're wondering when to replace, try folding your pillow in half. If it doesn't pop back to its original shape, it's time for a new one.