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    How a Child's ADHD Affects Siblings

    10 Tips for Parents continued...

    6. Open communication. Keep the lines of communication open all the time, Wolraich says. Don't hide your child's ADHD. Help your kids get comfortable with it, understand it, learn about it, and adjust to having a sibling with it.

    7. Focus on school. Watch your kids' grades and their reports from school, Berman says. School can be a good way to see how your kids are doing and whether they need extra support at home.

    8. Build sibling trust. Help your kids spend time together. Having a sibling with ADHD is their "normal," Berman says, so they need to learn how to make it work.

    9. Teach empathy. As your kids get older, a healthy home environment in which one child has ADHD can help the others learn empathy and understanding, Wolraich says.

    10. Ups and downs. There will be moments when having a child with ADHD is hard for everyone in the family, but those moments are not all bad, Dickson says. You have to adjust, learn, and be patient -- with each of your kids equally.

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    Reviewed on April 26, 2015

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