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  1. 22 Live-Long Tricks

    By Nancy Rones It only takes a few minutes a day to dramatically improve your health. And with our list of fun and easy good-for-you habits, you'll want to get started right away. Yeah, yeah — you know that exercising and eating right should be at the top of your daily to-do list. But let's face it:

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  2. 6 Surprising Stress Fixes

    By Catherine Guthrie Simple, field-tested strategies you can use right now You know what stress looks like: The sun rises; so do you. Your child suddenly remembers that he needs cupcakes for the school party. The dog's gotten sick in the living room. Your spouse leaves for work in a huff after a pre

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  3. 8 Reasons To Slooow Down

    By Janis Graham Winding down the pace of your life just a tad can make you happier and healthier. Here's how! The Hurried Woman Syndrome. The good news: If you can learn to rush just a little bit less, studies show that you'll lower your risk for high blood pressure, have better relationships, and l

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  4. 3 Steps to a Happier You

    By Meg Lundstrom For greater peace of mind, learn the secrets to self-compassion High self-esteem has long been touted by psychologists as the key to happiness and success. But these days, experts are questioning self-esteem's status as a personal cure-all — noting that it's hard to acquire, even ha

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  5. Arthritis - Therapy in Motion - Tai Chi

    Legend has it that tai chi, a Chinese martial art, was invented hundreds of years ago by a Taoist priest named Chang San-Feng after he happened to see a crane fighting with a snake. He noticed how each used the same movements to attack as well as defend -- recoiling to avoid the other's deadly strik

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  6. The Simple Secret to a Happier Life

    By Charlotte Latvala In the immortal words of the Rolling Stones, you can't always get what you want. And you know what? That's really okay. Discover how letting go of impossible (and draining) dreams puts you on the path to peace. In the 37th week of my third pregnancy, I was cruising right along w

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  7. After Vacation: Tips to Bounce Back Fast

    For many people, a vacation is like a trip into space. The nerve-wracking blastoff takes place only after weeks of careful planning. Then a few days of serenity and peace are followed by a harrowing re-entry. The old routine may feel like the force of gravity after days of weightlessness -- a famili

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  8. How to Avoid the 'Demons' of Summer

    We're all familiar with friends or relatives who can ruin the best summer plans with bouts of rude or overbearing behavior: the "bridezilla" who destroys anyone who gets in the way of her perfect summer wedding; the in-laws who announce they'll be coming for a visit -- for July and August; or the bu

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  9. A Thing or Two With Michael Chiklis

    I really freaked out. I experienced the feeling of claustrophobia for the first and only time in my life. The costume was made from thick latex rubber, and I had to sit in a chair for five hours while it was literally glued to me from head to foot. My body core superheated, and I became incredibly h

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  10. Everything I Know About Happiness I Learned from a Child

    By Jessica Baumgardner A refresher course in joy I'll be stressed out — about a missed UPS delivery, her sleeping schedule, vacation plans — and I'll realize that Sigrid's been grinning at a pillow for 15 minutes. The vaguely Japanese print on the fabric seems to make her totally blissful. Perhaps s

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