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  1. How to Avoid Being a 'Sucker'

    We've all been there. The co-worker we've been helping along, it turns out, has been dropping snide remarks about our work in front of other co-workers and the boss. The friend we've confided in, we learn, has been passing our confidences along as bits of juicy gossip to others. Then there's the tru

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  2. Smartest Time Savers

    Sharon Franke Tips for saving time.   If you're always searching for a pen, stock one in every pocketbook, and put one in your checkbook. Store buttons in clear pill dispensers so you can easily spot the one you need. Schedule your next haircut before you leave the salon. Keep scissors in every room

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  3. Do you complain too much? (or not enough?)

    Hagar Scher Why women love to vent. Plus, how to tell when your griping is healthy and when it's more likely to bring you down. It started out innocently. I was attending brunch at a friend's house. The aroma of bacon and coffee wafted through the air; our infants napped contentedly. But before long

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  4. Relax in a Hurry

    The phones, the caffeine, the boss, dinging faxes, deadlines, doubling up for laid-off colleagues, fear of being laid-off yourself -- eeek, pretty soon your body is a clenched fist and you haven't stood up from the desk in hours! You need to relax. But who can remember to -- and who has time? You do

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  5. Share Bear: Grieving the Loss of a Sister

    Growing up, my sister, Mary, and I shared a bedroom. When I was about 11, I received a teddy bear as a gift. Inside the bear was a music box, and I enjoyed hearing the music coming from that bear so much that I made the little thing play and play until off to sleep I went. Of course, Mary, being one

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  6. Nap Quest

    All day long, harried New Yorkers and tuckered-out tourists stream up to the 24th floor of the Empire State Building. Here, a company called MetroNaps provides eye masks and aerodynamically curved pods --- looking like something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey --- where the sleepy can catch up on shut-

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  7. Why Does Daydreaming Get Such a Bad Rap?

    Call someone a daydreamer and you may as well just call them a flake, a space cadet, or a slacker. Why are we so down on daydreaming? "Daydreaming is looked upon negatively because it represents 'non-doing' in a society that emphasizes productivity," says John McGrail, a clinical hypnotherapist in L

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  8. Instant Stress Busters

    by Lisa Goff How to go from crazed to calm     Yesterday, I stormed out of the drugstore without waiting for my prescription. True, the elderly woman at the front of the line was painstakingly paying for her order in nickels. But it was obvious that stress was getting to me. Our bodies are hardwired

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  9. Coping With Closure

    May 2, 2006 -- Is closure going to see the new 9/11 feature film United 93 and finally being able to face what happened to loved ones on Sept. 11, 2001? Is closure watching the Zacharias Moussaoui verdict unfold and perhaps seeing the conspirator executed? Moussaoui is currently the only person in t

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  10. Is Guilt Getting the Best of You?

    Does your guilty conscience follow your every move, making you wonder how you could have done something more or better -- for your partner, your kids, your community, or your career? Where does such crippling guilt come from? What toll does it take on you? And, most importantly, how can you shake it

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