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  1. Geodon Approved for Bipolar Mania Treatment

    Aug. 23, 2004 -- Geodon now has official FDA approval for the treatment of mania in people with bipolar disorder. In 2001, the drug received FDA approval as a treatment for schizophrenia. It's a member of the class of drugs known as atypical antipsychotics. Other drugs of this class -- notably Zypre

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  2. New Drug for Long-Term Bipolar Treatment

    Jan. 15, 2004 -- The FDA has approved Zyprexa to treat bipolar disorder over the long-term. The FDA had previously approved Zyprexa to treat acute episodes of mania associated with bipolar disorder. Now the drug is approved to delay relapse into either mania or depression in patients with bipolar di

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  3. Take Bipolar Disorder Seriously

    Oct. 9, 2003 -- Call it bipolar disorder. Call it manic depression. It's the same thing, and it's a serious mental illness that can lead to substance abuse, violence, and suicide if not treated. But most Americans -- 78% -- don't know even the basics about bipolar disorder, according to a new survey

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  4. Lithium Best to Stop Bipolar Suicide

    Sept. 16, 2003 -- The most widely prescribed mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder in the U.S. is not as effective as lithium for reducing the risk of suicide, new research suggests. In a study that included more than 20,000 bipolar disorder patients, those taking the drug Depakote had a suicide rate

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  5. Schizophrenia Drugs Treat Bipolar

    Sept. 18, 2002 -- Two drugs commonly used to treat schizophrenia may also help millions who suffer from the mania and depression caused by bipolar disorder, according to new research. An estimated 3 million Americans suffer from bipolar disorder, previously known as manic depression. The mental illn

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  6. Children With Bipolar Disorder: Medical Fact or Dangerous Fad?

    Oct. 27, 2000 -- A dangerous new trend is on the rise, noted child psychiatrists tell WebMD. Egged on by a batch of popular self-help books, more and more parents are becoming convinced that their children have bipolar disorder -- and even scarier, their doctors are agreeing. Patients with bipolar d

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