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    1. What Is Pseudobulbar Affect?

      Crying and laughing aren't always signs of sorrow and joy. Pseudobulbar affect is a nervous system disorder that causes them to become uncontrollable.

    2. The Facts About Ischemic Colitis

      An episode of ischemic colitis can be scary, but it’s usually not too serious. Learn the signs and symptoms to protect your health.

    3. 10 Ways to Prevent Wandering

      For caregivers of people with cognitive problems, there is a very real fear that the loved one may wander from home or disappear in a crowd. Here are 10 tips from WebMD to prevent wandering and ease your anxiety.

    4. Cognitive Problems: A Caregiver's Guide

      Caring for someone with cognitive problems, brain injuries, or brain disorders requires special skills. WebMD gives you caregiving tips to make it easier on your loved one and yourself.

    5. Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM)

      This rare demyelinating disorder comes on suddenly and gets worse fast. But it can be treated, and most kids recover. Find out how it's different from MS.

    6. Body of Symptoms: IBD Affects More Than Your Gut

      IBD symptoms aren’t limited to your gut. The disease can affect you from head to toe.

    7. Crohn’s Disease: How Do I Get to Remission?

      How do you get your Crohn’s disease into remission -- and keep it there?

    8. What Is White Matter Disease?

      White matter makes up most of your brain. Aging can cause changes in it that lead to problems with thinking, walking, and balance. Learn how to prevent it.

    9. Picture of the Ear

      WebMD's Ear Anatomy Page provides a detailed image and definition of the ear as well as an overview of ear-related health problems. Learn about the ear's function in the body and test and treatments that may affect the ear.

    10. Understanding Myasthenia Gravis -- the Basics

      Get the basics on myasthenia gravis from the experts at WebMD.

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