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    Boxers or Briefs: Myths and Facts about Men's Infertility

    Top Causes of Male Infertility continued...

    Have you ever heard the debate about whether men should wear boxers or briefs? It goes something like this: Briefs are tighter, so it's possible that they can raise your body temperature above the norm for sperm to survive. So if a guy wants to be really fertile, boxers are the way to go. Truth is, this has yet to be scientifically proven. But if you're trying to get pregnant, there's no harm in wearing loose clothing and staying out of hot tubs and saunas.

    Since infertility affects one in 25 men these days, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude is the way to go if you're considering becoming a father.

    Additional Factors That May Inhibit Men's Fertility

    • Certain antibiotics
    • Narcotics (cocaine, speed, etc.)
    • Abstinence from sex (for more than a few days)
    • Variococeles (varicose veins in the testicles)
    • Untreated infections (sexually transmitted and otherwise)
    • Radiation and chemotherapy treatments
    • Fevers
    • Exposure to DES during your mother's pregnancy
    • Excessive stress
    • Testosterone deficiency
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