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    Signs of Substance Use - Topic Overview

    The following are some obvious signs that a person may be smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or using other substances. This is not a complete list of signs to look for. If you suspect a particular drug or drugs, get more information on signs of use for those substances. For more information, see Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse.


    • A distinctive smell on the breath and clothing
    • Cigarettes and lighter in his or her possession
    • Cigarette butts outside a bedroom window or in other odd places around the home



    • Sweet smell on clothing or bloodshot eyes, if recently used, and frequent use of eyedrops to reduce the redness
    • Drug paraphernalia (pipes) in his or her possession
    • Carelessness in grooming, increased fatigue, and changes in eating and sleeping patterns, if using regularly


    • Chemical breath, red eyes, or stains on clothing or face, if recently used
    • Soaked rags or empty aerosol containers in the trash

    Club drugs

    • Skin rash similar to acne
    • Small bottles with liquid or powder in his or her possession


    • Persistent runny nose and nosebleeds, injection marks on arms or other parts of the body, or long periods of time without sleep
    • Possession of drug paraphernalia, such as syringes, spoons with smoke stains, small pieces of glass, and razor blades

    LSD or other hallucinogens

    • Trance-like appearance with dilated pupils, if recently used
    • Small squares of blotter paper (sometimes stamped with cartoon characters) or other forms of the drug in his or her possession


    • Very small pupils and a drowsy or relaxed look, if recently used
    • Possession of injecting supplies, called an outfit or rig, that may consist of a spoon or bottle cap, syringe, tourniquet, cotton, and matches

    Anabolic steroids

    • An unpleasant breath odor
    • Mood changes, including increased aggression
    • Changes in physical appearance that can't be attributed to expected patterns of growth and development
    • Possession of medicines or syringes

    Other general signs

    • Changes in sleeping patterns
    • Changes in appetite or weight loss
    • Changes in dress
    • Loss of interest and motivation
    • Hoarseness, wheezing, or persistent cough

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