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    FDA Eyes Acetaminophen Liver Risk

    Three FDA Advisory Committees to Hold Joint Meeting in June on Liver Injury and Acetaminophen

    Drug Industry Responds

    The Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA), a trade group for the over-the-counter drug industry, posted a statement on its web site responding to the options the FDA is considering for acetaminophen.

    CHPA President Linda Suydam, DPA, states that CHPA and its members "support efforts to help consumers more safely use this important and trusted ingredient."

    Suydam echoes the FDA's statements about acetaminophen's safety when used as labeled, and she notes that the CHPA is assessing the FDA's recommendations and will take part in the FDA's June meeting.

    McNeil Consumer Healthcare is the maker of Tylenol. In a statement emailed to WebMD, McNeil Consumer Healthcare states that it is "pleased that the FDA recognizes the important role acetaminophen plays as a safe and effective pain relief options for millions of Americans."

    "While we share the FDA's mutual goal of preventing and decreasing the misuse and overdose of acetaminophen, we have concerns that some of the FDA recommendations could discourage appropriate use and are not necessary to addressing the root causes of acetaminophen overdose," McNeil states.

    McNeil says that it's working with "regulators, industry, and the health care community to seek new ways to help ensure consumer safety, particularly with regard to the potential for taking too much acetaminophen."


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