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  1. Not Your Mother's Birth Control

    Reading a popular women's magazine the other day, I was startled to discover that what looked like one of those peel-off makeup samples wasn't a makeup sample at all. It was "The Patch," a form of birth control that you slap on your skin once a week. Of course, the magazine sample didn't actually co

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  2. Birth Control Injections Recalled

    Oct. 11, 2002 -- Concerns about a potential lack of potency and contraceptive failure have prompted the recall of thousands of Lunelle monthly contraceptive injections. The manufacturer today announced that it cannot assure the potency of the pre-filled syringes, and their use may result in pregnanc

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  3. Birth Control Pills May Aid Fertility

    Sept. 27, 2002 -- Women who take birth control pills for long periods of time may find it a little easier to get pregnant once they go off the pill than other women. A new study shows women who used oral contraceptives for more than five years before attempting to conceive are more likely to have su

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  4. Making Emergency Contraception Easier

    -->Sept. 11, 2002 -- Roughly 3 million American women become unintentionally pregnant each year, and half of those pregnancies end in abortions. But proponents of a plan to give women over-the-counter access to emergency contraception say the move could reduce unwanted pregnancies and abortions by h

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  5. Vaginal Ring as Effective as the Pill .

    Sept. 5, 2002 -- Women who want an alternative to taking daily birth control pills may find relief in a ring -- a vaginal ring. Research shows a new vaginal ring that delivers a steady dose of the same hormones found in some oral contraceptives is safe, easy to use, and works just as well as the pil

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  6. New Birth Control Pills, Same Old Stroke Risk

    Feb. 7, 2002 -- Hopes that the latest generation of birth control pills would put women at less risk of stroke than older formulations were shattered today by research presented at a meeting of stroke experts. "Women using any type of birth control pills have about twice the stroke risk of nonusers,

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  7. Copper IUDs Found Safe, Effective

    Aug. 22, 2001 -- A new study finds that young women who are seeking a safe, effective, and inexpensive method of birth control should consider the copper intrauterine device, or IUD. But chances are most mothers of "Gen-Xers" who steadfastly cling to the belief that IUDs can cause infections and inf

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  8. A History of Birth Control

    Aug. 6, 2001 -- The controversial topic of birth control seems like a modern issue -- but it's not. Long before the pill, U.S. men and women wanted -- and successfully used -- a variety of contraceptive devices. In her new book, Devices and Desires: A History of Contraceptives in America, historian

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  9. The Rule: The Pill Prevents Ovarian Cancer

    July 25, 2001 -- Ovarian cancer is a rare but devastatingly deadly form of cancer. One way women can prevent the disease is to take oral contraceptives. However, new research shows that the Pill is not as protective in women who have mutations in one or both of two particular genes associated with o

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  10. The Pill: Is Newer Better?

    July 20, 2001 -- Six years ago, media reports surfaced suggesting that some newer birth control pills could increase a woman's risk of potentially serious blood clots. In a new study, British researchers have not only confirmed the risk, but say the risk is nearly double that of older birth control

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