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  1. Who Should Cover the Cost of Contraception?

    July 26, 2000 --Until last week, Jennifer Erickson was just an ordinary pharmacist, working at a drugstore in Seattle. Now, the 26-year-old married woman is the poster girl for women everywhere who have had to plunk down their own money to pay for birth control. On July 19, Erickson, who says she wo

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  2. Newer Birth Control Pills Also Protect Against Ovarian Cancer

    July 24, 2000 -- Although today's birth control pill contains smaller amounts of the hormones estrogen and progestin than earlier versions of the pill, it protects women against ovarian cancer just as well, a new study shows. Doctors have long known that taking birth control pills for just a few yea

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  3. A Pill a Day Keeps the Sperm Away

    July 19, 2000 -- They multiply by the millions each day, they travel in packs, and once unleashed they are single-minded in their goal: succeed or die. Sperm, it's fair to say, are a relentless lot. And they are no easier to stop before they're released. Which is one of the reasons a male contracept

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  4. The Pill Ups Chance of Stroke -- But Few Women at Risk

    July 5, 2000 -- So does it or doesn't it? You've heard that the Pill increases your stroke risk, and then you've heard it doesn't. Now a new study says that although it appears to up women's risk -- even at low doses -- that few women of child-bearing age who are taking the Pill are at risk anyway.

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  5. Some Birth Control Pills Increase Risk of Deadly Blood Clots

    June 15, 2000 -- There's now a new reason to evaluate the risks and benefits before filling that prescription for birth control pills. The most modern birth control pills increase the risk of death from blood clots in the lung, according to a recent study published in the medical journal The Lancet

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  6. Going Over the Counter? Legislators to Debate Future of the Pill

    June 14, 2000 (Washington) -- About 18 million U.S. women each year visit a doctor to get a prescription for an oral contraceptive, better known as the pill. But if the FDA sides with supporters of the over-the-counter contraceptive pill, women may soon be able to go directly to the drugstore and by

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  7. 'Invisible Condom' in the Works

    June 7, 2000 -- Researchers are gearing up to start a human study for the "invisible condom," a gel, invisible to the woman's partner, that they hope will protect women against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV. "It is a gel that is liquid at room temperature and becomes a gel at b

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  8. Sterilization Surprisingly Popular, Even Among Single Women

    May 26, 2000 -- Tubal sterilization, or "getting your tubes tied," is nearly as popular as the birth control pill among all women who want to avoid pregnancy, and is a surprisingly popular choice among young, unmarried women, two new studies show. The studies, published in the journal Fertility and

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  9. Four Decades of the Birth Control Pill

    May 8, 2000 -- It was in 1960, the cusp of the women's movement and the sexual revolution, when "the pill" was given formal blessing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. On May 9, the birth control pill celebrates its 40th birthday. During those four decades, experts say, the pill has been a re

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  10. The Pill May Reduce Risk of Ovarian Cancer

    April 20, 2000 -- Childbirth and oral contraceptives may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer up to the age of 49, according to a report in the March issue of the journal Epidemiology. But researchers say the protective effect of oral contraceptives may decline after the age of 50. Ovarian cancer's dea

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