Are There Health Benefits of Shungite Stones?

Medically Reviewed by Dan Brennan, MD on April 19, 2021

Some people believe that shungite stones are like crystals and have healing properties. But shungite stones do not offer all the health benefits that people might think. They can help, though, in some very targeted areas and show promise in others.

What Is a Shungite Stone?

Authentic shungite stones come from a town called Shunga in Karelia, Russia. People have been drawn to these stones for years, and there are lots of shungite deposits in the region.

Shungite stones are made mostly of carbon. Specifically, the stones are made up of clusters of carbon atoms called "fullerenes."

Shungite stones also contain many micro- and macrominerals. Some of these are quartz, mica, albite, and pyrite.  

Natural shungite has lots of different textures and shapes. Perhaps the uniqueness of the stones is what makes them attractive to some health-conscious people.

Do Shungite Stones Have Health Benefits?

Like crystals, shungite stones have been around for millennia. In recent years, they have become popular in complementary and alternative medicine.  You may have heard people say that shungite can: 

  • Soothe insomnia
  • Relieve pain 
  • Improve energy levels
  • Detoxify the mind, body, and spirit
  • Protect against electromagnetic frequency 

‌There isn’t any evidence that supports these claims. 

Some animal studies show that shungite lowers inflammation in mice that are radiated with UV-B rays. After the shungite is applied to their radiated skin, the mice have less roughness and pigmentation‌.

 The study was never tried on humans, though, so it’s not clear that shungite can help your skin. 

How Shungite Can Actually Be Used

So how can you put shungite stones to good use? You can use them to help you tame stress and anxiety, and they can add to any type of meditation you may do.

Stress and anxiety. Many people say that shungite can help lower stress and anxiety because it absorbs negative energy. This is an uncommon idea and isn’t shown in any evidence. Instead, use shungite in a sensory technique.

Touching and holding objects can help you move through distress. This could include holding or touching a shungite stone. 

Meditation. Meditation can help lower your blood pressure and your stress and bring calmness to your mind. One form of meditation called concentration meditation involves focusing on an object. This practice teaches you how to focus your mind and is often the basis for other types of meditation.

You can focus on shungite stones or other crystals in your concentration meditation.

Shungite stones also deserve their good reputation in water filtration, antimicrobial uses, and health care technology.

Water filtration. Sand, stones, and the many layers of the earth act as a natural water filtration system. Carbon-based water filters have also been used to purify water for a long time. Shungite seems to remove impurities and other organic substances from water.

This makes shungite useful for sewage and water treatment, and water treatment at heat power plants.

Antimicrobial uses. Shungite also seems able to kill bacteria and other germs. This is mostly useful as a way to purify water but could also work for treating swimming pool water.

Health care technology. Shungite has nanoparticles, bits you can't see with the naked eye. But these tiny particles have a strong role in nanotechnology — creating things with atomic particles.

Remember those fullerenes? They might be able to carry unstable atoms inside themselves. These could be useful as contrast agents for testing, as in magnetic resonance imaging and X-ray imaging. Contrast agents are substances that you take to help the machines better see your body or cells.

Fullerenes also have antiviral activity when they’re made into certain kinds of drugs. You may hear one day that shungite fullerenes are helping to combat HIV and other viral diseases.

Fullerenes may also be used to make chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment. 

Impact of Shungite Stones on Your Health

It's probably safe to place shungite stones in the complementary therapy category. A complementary therapy is something you do along with your regular medicine and treatments. You can use it to add to your health and wellness but not to replace your traditional plan of care. 

Shungite stones shouldn’t be used instead of medicine or other treatments. If you need help with anxiety or other mental health problems, or you have other serious health problems, it’s important to be treated by your doctor. 

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