In Plain Sight: Exfoliating

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What if I told you that in this bag I have a little device that can literally rip the skin from your body? Oh, you don't believe me? Hiya cha cha! It's an exfoliating brush! And it removes all those pesky dead skin cells that cover our bodies.

Scared yet? No? Well, perhaps a close-up example of what this baby can do will change your mind. The feet-- a wonderland of heels and toes. But near the surface, it's seemingly an apocalyptic wasteland. Our outer layer of skin, the epidermis, has a microlayer of dead skin cells. In about a month, those ugly dead cells shed naturally from the body in a process called desquamation.

But, hey, with my active lifestyle, I can't wait around for desquamation. That's why I remove the top-most layers of dead cells by exfoliating.


Just watch as this foot file digs in and scrapes those dead cells right off.


Those dead cells are not putting up much of a fight. That's because as skin cells make their way to the surface layer, their attachment to the skin cells underneath them gets weaker. And with each swoosh of the brush, the dead skin is whisked away to a magical place-- well, actually, not so magical. A lot of dead skin cells wind up being food for dust mites. Bon apetit, little dust mite!


It's been said the benefits of exfoliating in moderation are many-- like brighter, younger-looking skin. I exfoliate once a month, and I don't want to brag, but I've been told on more than one occasion that I have the heels of a woman half my age.