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Robert Kotler, MD, FACS Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon of the Face and Neck Clinical instructor, Division of Head & Neck Surgery, UCLA Medical School.

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Narrator: Why is a male face lift more difficult to do?

Robert Kotler, MD: The male face-lift is infinitely more demanding than the female because of all the blood supply. See a male's face has a much richer blood supply to support the thicker skin, and the beard. All male skin generally is thicker than the comparable female. And the beard demands extra nutrition, so we spend a lot more time there. So that's, whatever time we quote for a woman, we have to add on almost 45 minutes to an hour longer for a man.

Narrator: And in terms of cutting and rearranging features, is there a difference?

Robert Kotler, MD: Yeah, the incision is different because a man's incision if done as a woman's, placed in the curvature of the ear, the man would be shaving inside his ear canal, because you slide up hair bearing skin. So on a man, you have to put the incision in front here. It actually takes a little longer to close also, since that incision is more visible to the eye, it has to be absolutely primo.