Silver Years: Foundation

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Janeen Loria
Skin, as we get older, tends to get drier, so we never want to skip using an eye cream. It's important not to use too much powder at this age. It's important not to use too heavy of a foundation. I'm going to use a real sheer foundation. This one actually reflects light so it'll benefit in giving you that dewy, soft finish. I'm really sticking to liquid foundation only so that the skin stays moist looking. You don't want to pull and tug on the skin. You want to be extra, extra gentle. So the brushes actually help the product go on. Feathery light and really helps to even out the skin color. Age spots, some people call them liver spots, as they start to appear we can do a lot of things to get rid of them with makeup. I'm going to use a concealer stick foundation. This is something we're only going to use on this area. Again with my brush and because of the texture of the foundation being different, we can go over that and cover. It's a cream stick. Using two different shades, one to erase the spot and then I'm going back in with more of her skin tone color. When you're correcting color you do have to work similar to that of an artist and make sure everything is well blended. There is no need to put foundation on her neck. There is a need to put a good moisturizer with sunscreen. In matching up the foundation, you want to bring that color down to the neck and make sure that does disappear into the skin tone. That's going to tell you you've got the right color. There's no need to do makeup all down to the neck, but that way you know when you've applied it to the face, the color is perfect as it has disappeared. I'm going to use loose powder. It's very sheer, very lightweight. Won't look too powdery, but it's enough to set the makeup. Apply it with a puff and roll it into the skin. You can dust away any excess with your brush.