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Adam Awtrey, Salon Arcaro. Janeen Loria, Moody Makeup.

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Adam Awtrey: Most hair falls 15 to 20 percent by the time you leave the salon, or even when you style your hair. See, by lifting the hair out, up off the brush, will help me give it a little more volume when I need to. And that help builds it up to what we're trying to achieve. I'm cooling the hair down. Will help build the hold that's in the hair.

Adam Awtrey (cont.): If you ever want to do something different, you could always switch the part. If you ever change the part, it does give you more volume on top also. When you blow dry your hair and you feel like you're trying to get more out of it, the tension when I snap and pull my brush, what I'm trying to keep in the hair is tension on the brush. Most people, when they dry their hair, they pull it out while it's still hot and they pull it down. You want that to stay in there while it's still hot because it creates a set. So when you're drying your hair, if you're not going to twirl it, leave it up. Leave the brush in for it to cool down before you remove and that gives it more volume throughout the hair.

Adam Awtrey (cont.): I'm going to spray some layers of hair spray underneath. This way it does keep the fullness in the hair after we go back through and add texture, without pulling that out.

Adam Awtrey (cont.): Bring your head forward.

Adam Awtrey (cont.): And all I'm doing is spraying it and then taking my hands and wiping over. And, which, what that does is it really puts oils back in your hair really from my hands. Or salts back in and smoothing the hair back out.

Melissa: Now for every day, is there a faster way to straighten your hair without giving it the volume.

Adam Awtrey: Yes, blowing it out with a blow dryer without a brush. Um, and then taking a flat iron to it and pulling the hair down. Which is the number one right now as far as...

Melissa: How damaging is that to your hair?

Adam Awtrey: Extremely. It's well pieced out. By the time it drops down this evening, it'll be perfect. Won't be too flat to your head. Be nice.

Melissa: Wonderful. It's got the texture. That's great. Thank you so much!