Buccal Mouth Massage: Behind the Hype

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Open wide. A buccal massage is a facial that includes a rub down inside your mouth. The jaw-dropping part of the pampering involves a massage therapist or aesthetician kneading your inner cheek and jaw muscles.

Could this temporarily give your face a more lifted or sculpted look as some fans claim? That's unclear. It really may be all in the eye of the beholder. There's no guarantee you'll look different afterward.

But it may have other perks. A deep buccal massage might be good for germ-fighting glands in your cheeks. Plus, it could be relaxing as long as you don't mind someone's fingers in your mouth.

It's probably safe to get a buccal massage if you've never had a serious injury to your face. But see a licensed, experienced massage therapist or aesthetician who wears gloves and works in a clean space.