What to Know About Butt Implants

Medically Reviewed by Debra Jaliman, MD on February 29, 2024
4 min read

Though the structure of your posterior is decided primarily by genetics, butt implants and other increasingly popular procedures can reshape the look of your buttocks for a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Round, firm buttocks have become a sought-after shape in recent years. Exercise and losing weight may help tone muscles and change the appearance of that area, but butt implants can be a faster way of getting a shapelier result.

Butt implants and other buttock augmentations usually work best for people whose weight is stable and who don’t have a lot of excess skin. A plastic surgeon will make a recommendation for butt augmentation based on factors like:

  • The size and shape of your butt
  • How much fat you have that may be used for alternative procedures
  • Your activity level and desired result
  • Skin quality, including elasticity

People usually seek out butt implant procedures because of things like:

  • Feeling that their rear end is too small for their frame
  • A butt that may look more “flat” or “square” than desired
  • A saggy rear end after losing weight or because of aging
  • Wanting their clothes to fit better
  • Looking to boost their self-esteem

Silicone implants typically provide the best results when people want more definition in their posterior. They may not have enough fat tissue to make other butt augmentation procedures an option. Butt implants don’t work as well in people who have a sagging rear end because of recent weight loss.

After giving you anesthesia so you won’t feel anything, your doctor makes the cut to put in the implants. They can choose to make it in the top of your upper buttocks, at the bottom, or between the cheeks. The doctor puts the implants into or below the muscle in both sides of your buttocks. Every doctor has their preferred method of insertion and placement.

Putting the implants inside your gluteus (butt) muscles lowers the risk of damage to your sciatic nerve. That could lead to neuropathic pain and problems with the muscles in your back and thigh. The drawback to using this method is that the shape of the butt implant might stick out more because it’s not embedded as deep as those placed it below the gluteus.

Implants placed below your gluteus muscle give you a more natural-looking shape. But the doctor must cut into the muscle, which brings a risk of nerve damage, leading to paralysis in that area, muscle shrinkage, and an uneven look.

Once your surgeon is satisfied with the way the butt implants look, they close the cuts with sutures or surgical tape. Your results are immediate, though there will probably be swelling in the area. The incisions made to insert the butt implants should fade over time.

The main alternative to butt implants is a gluteal fat transfer or Brazilian butt lift. It may be best for people looking to even out the proportions of their body without implants. You must have enough fat in other areas of your body that your doctor can inject into your buttocks. A Brazilian butt lift does not help with sagging skin issues.

The first step in having a Brazilian butt lift is liposuction to take out fat stores from places like your thighs, abdomen, lower back, and hips. Your doctor purifies the fat and gets it ready for insertion. They inject the purified fat into the area below the skin that’s above your buttocks but above your muscle. An average of 50% to 75% of the fat survives the procedure. Some people end up getting a second Brazilian butt lift to add more shape.

Most people have some pain after getting butt implants. You may be able to control it by taking over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication. Your doctor might also give you a prescription to help you manage the discomfort. The surgery may require you to have surgical drains that need emptying several times a day.

You must wear compression garments after having butt implant surgery. Your doctor will give you thorough instructions on the aftercare regimen you must follow until your next post-surgical appointment.

Avoid sitting or lying on your rear for at least 2 weeks after getting butt implants. Wait up to 8 weeks if you opt for a Brazilian butt lift. Wait 48 hours before you take a shower. Don’t do any heavy activity for 4 weeks.

The full results of your butt implants should be visible after about 3 months.