What to Do If You Are Fully Vaccinated but Exposed to COVID-19

Published On Aug 13, 2021

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So what do you do, if you're fully vaccinated and you come into contact with someone who has COVID? Or you think might have COVID? Well the CDC, recently issued new recommendations. Before it mattered whether or not you had symptoms. Now it doesn't. Everyone needs to get a test. And you get it, 3 to five days after exposure. Not the first or second day, but three to five days.

And you start wearing a mask from the time of exposure. And you do it for 14 days. Or if you get a negative test, then you can stop. If you get a positive test, then you need to quarantine. You need to do that for at least 10 days, and if you're having symptoms, then you need to be symptom free for at least 24 hours, after those 10 days. And that means that [? Tylenol ?] and [? Motrin ?] anything that can reduce your fever. So those are the new recommendations to keep you, your family, your community safe.