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Body noises-- everybody makes them. Yes, even you back there. Even if you won't admit it, the truth is, they're normal-- albeit sometimes not the most flattering.

Some are as ho-hum as when your stomach growls, which always happens at the wrong time. If you're hungry, it could be that your hollow stomach and intestines are echoing through your body. But if you've eaten, it could also mean food is just passing through the digestive process. Mostly, that's normal. Every once in a while, those sounds might mean there's a problem. So check with your doc if your tummy is being hyperactive with the sounds.

OK, so while we're at the tummy talk, what about those hiccups? It seems like a burp, only over and over and over. Hiccups actually happen when the muscle between your chest and your abdomen has a spasm. It makes your vocal cords close up, producing that wonderful sound that we all know too well.

Maybe hold your breath. Try a teaspoon of sugar. Or drink some cold water. When you eat or drink, you swallow small amounts of air, which collects in your stomach.

And when your food is digested, gasses are released. These gasses need to find a way out. And if they're properly digested, that release is accompanied by a foul smell making its way off the exit ramp and out of your mouth.

The burp-- no big deal. That is, unless it becomes excessive or begins to burn. Ways to squelch the belch? Slow down when you eat. Don't drink fizzy drinks. Skip the gum and the hard candy. And do not smoke.

Yes. Did you know? The longest burp is 1 minute, 13 seconds, and 57 milliseconds. Ew.

And finally, the thunder from down under.


Passing gas, farting, or the ever-so-polite flatulence. No matter how you slice or cut the cheese, gas can be an uninvited guest. On average, we fart 15 times a day. Do you exceed those expectations?

It's OK. Don't fret. Try switching up your diet. Some foods are copacetic, and some are prone to leaving you smelling pathetic.

Got gas or other bodily blasts? You're not the only one in the room. However, if you don't find a way to remedy the situation, you just might be.