Importance of Home Cooked Meals

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Why should I go to the trouble of making a home cooked meal?

David Ludwig, MD
Home cooked meals will always be of better nutritional quality than anything that can be purchased quickly on the outside. It also offers the chance to help ourselves and our children reestablish a relationship to food. Food isn't something that just comes out of a plastic throw away container. It comes from, ultimately, it comes from nature, you know, but we can find it looking in its natural form in the supermarket. The process of preparing foods and cooking them for a child can be a remarkably inspiring process. We have a saying that if you get them to cook it, they'll eat it. In the summer, take a child out for an adventure to a local farm and let them pick some fruits or vegetables in season. It begins to re-establish a relationship to food, which has been largely lost in our fast food culture, which would've always existed from the beginning of time. But we can re-establish it again by learning ways to quickly and efficiently prepare foods, involve our children in the process of making them, and then serving delicious family meals that encourage communication, relaxation and together time. Which is, after all, something that we all feel so desperately deprived of these days. So the family meal provides an opportunity not just to nourish our bodies, but also to nourish our spirits with loved ones.