Chef Lizzie’s Top Tips to Keep Food Healthy

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How many of you learned in school about the four major food groups? Well, we've got examples of them right here. Meat and fish, dairy, breads and cereals, and fruits and vegetables.

And it's really important to eat a balance of all these things in your diet. But it's also important to know that, within these groups, there are oodles and oodles of different choices you can make about everything you eat-- tastes, colors, textures. You always want to keep your diet interesting and new.

So, how about you guys tell me about some new foods that you've tried?

Today, I tried French toast in the morning, with syrup. And it was really great.

I tried shrimp.

I like spinach because it gets you more stronger.

Uh-- zucchini!


Something healthy that I've tried recently were, like, salads. I really like salads, so I recently tried taking them to lunch for school.

That's great. And it's super important to make nutritious and balanced meals that are both delicious and fun. That's called "variety."

At the same time, though, we also encourage you not to overdo it. All foods aren't eaten in the same quantities or as often as others. And you should always stop eating whenever you feel full.

And for the parents-- healthy portion sizes and food choices based on your child's needs and weight are the key. The message is, try new things whenever you can, but not too much! Eating well should be a healthy adventure.