73-Year-Old-Woman in India Has Twins

Sept. 9, 2019 -- A 73-year-old woman in India who had twin girls is believed to be the oldest person ever to give birth.

Erramatti Mangayamma, a farmer from the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, became pregnant through IVF and the babies were delivered via cesarean section.

"The surgery went well ... the mother and the babies are all healthy with no complications," Dr. Sanakayyala Umashankar, the director of Ahalya IVF, who performed the c-section, told CNN.

Mangayamma and her 80-year-old husband have been married since 1962 but were never able to conceive naturally. In 2018, Umashankar agreed to give them one round of IVF treatment.

Mangayamma will keep her under observation for the next 21 days.

"We are not allowing the mother to breastfeed and the babies will be fed through the milk bank," Umashankar told CNN.