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U.S. Government to Increase PPE Shipments to Nursing Homes

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May 1, 2020 - Today in the world of coronavirus news...

The federal government will increase inspections and shipments of equipment to nursing homes, which have been hotbeds of coronavirus cases, according to a news release on the White House website.

FEMA will start sending supplemental shipments of personal protective equipment to all 15,400 Medicaid and Medicare-certified nursing homes in the US, the release said, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will provide $81 million to the states to increase inspections.

A new rule being put in place will require nursing homes to report information about COVID-19 cases directly to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the release said. Nursing homes will also have to report cases to family members.

The administration will set up a Coronavirus Commission for Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes made up of industry experts, doctors, scientists, and patient advocates.

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White House Press Release April 30, 2020 

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