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Parents Hold Newborn Twins After Beating COVID-19

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May 1, 2020 -- A mom and dad who beat the coronavirus were finally able to meet their newborn twins, 20 days after they were born.

Jennifer and Andre Laubach started to have COVID-19 symptoms in mid-March, according to Beaumont Hospital in Troy, MI. Two weeks later -- 32 weeks into her pregnancy -- Jennifer unexpectedly went into labor. Because Andre tested positive for the virus, he wasn’t able to be in the delivery room with her. Instead, four health care teams helped her deliver her two baby boys, Mitchell and Maksim.

Jennifer credits her nurses with helping her get through the birth. “My nurse held my hand and wasn’t afraid to touch me,” she says. “She cheered me and encouraged me.”

The hospital says the twins were whisked away shortly after they were born to keep them safe, while Jennifer was placed in quarantine. For weeks, she was able to see her babies only via video chat.

Nearly 3 weeks later, after making a full recovery, Jennifer and Andre were cleared to meet their twins for the first time. The hospital says baby Mitchell is now home with Mom and Dad, and little Maksim will be able to join them within the next few days.

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