April 19, 2021 -- Even though vaccinations are increasing in the developed nations, the coronavirus continues its deadly march around the world. On Saturday, Johns Hopkins University reported the 3 millionth global death from COVID-19.

The United States has more than 567,000 coronavirus-related deaths, the most of any nation, followed by Brazil (373,000 deaths), Mexico (212,000), India (179,000), and the United Kingdom (127,500).

The virus has moved swiftly since the first COVID death was reported in Wuhan, China, on Jan. 11, 2020. Within eight-and-a-half months on Sept. 28, 1 million lives had been lost. But just three-and-a-half more months later on Jan 15, the 2 million mark was reached. It took about three months to record 3 million deaths on Saturday.

And because many COVID deaths are not diagnosed, the numbers are probably much higher, health experts have said.

While deaths are climbing around the world, the mortality rate is dropping in the United States. The U.S. now has a seven-day daily average death rate of 750, down from over 4,000 in late January.

That’s largely attributable to the vaccination program, which has put at least one dose of the vaccine into 39.5% of the entire population and more than 50% of the over-18 population, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Protection vaccine tracker.

The CDC says 25.4% of the entire population and 32.5% of the over-18 population is fully vaccinated. Among the over-65 population -- the most vulnerable -- 81 have gotten one dose and 65.9% is fully vaccinated.

But the death rate is climbing in less developed nations though, where the vaccination program is not as strong.

“There are many countries where people haven’t received a single immunization,” said Bali Pulendran, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Stanford University in California, according to Bloomberg News. “It’s not sufficient to vaccinate everyone in a single country. Unless you vaccinate the entire population, you aren’t going to control the pandemic.”

In Brazil, where a dangerous variant has developed, the seven-day daily average death rate is about 2,900, Johns Hopkins says. Only 11.8% of the population has gotten one dose of vaccine and 3.8% is fully vaccinated.

The seven-day daily average death rate in Mexico is now 668. About 8% of the population has gotten one dose and 3% is fully vaccinated.

In one statistic -- confirmed cases that result in fatalities -- Mexico has the highest rate in the world, 9.2%, Johns Hopkins said. Peru is second, at 3.3%

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